Detail: NYC Dr. Sumit’s Workshops

~~ Experiential Weekend Intensive~~

Saturday, June 11, 10am-5:30pm & Sunday, June 12, 9:30-12:30pm

@ Alchemical Theater Laboratory, 104 W. 14th St. 3rd fl., NYC

MarmaYog: Traditional Undocumented Practices of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra

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In-person:  early bird by June 3  $225;  after June 3rd  $250

Best if you can attend in-person, however if you cannot:

Livestream: $125

Countless are craving to be healthy and happy. Countless theories inundate our minds (thanks to Google Guru!) causing mental constipation, hopping around from one modality to another, chasing for desired results. This makes it even more critical to understand your body, mind, Spirit, Soul; be self-reliant and develop your Self-healing powers within for true healing and freedom.

MarmaYog is a collection of practices of traditional indigenous healers and Highland Himalayan yogis who have gained voluntary control over the bodily functions and senses to survive harsh conditions to reach higher states of consciousness. Marma are explained briefly in text of Ayurved as vital points in the body through which Prān[a](cosmic energy, vital breath) flows enabling healthy life. Any obstruction to the flow of Prāna causes diseases which may lead to prolonged illness, deformity and death. Yog refers to various Hath Yog practices in form of Āsan[a], Bandh[a], Mudrā and certain Kriya’s(co-ordinated flows)which enable the practitioner to keep the flow of Prāna unobstructed through the Marma’s and also enable healing.

For the last 13 years and ongoing, Dr. Sumit Kesarkar has been applying these teachings, based in the understanding of key concepts of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra to treat his patients for various disorders/diseases and spiritual journeys. All in all, MarmaYog supports a seeker in findin his/her path in living a life with no limitations and enjoying life to the fullest! In this workshop, you will –

  • Learn more about this step by step, results-oriented process that resets the cellular intelligence of the entire organism, thus all organs, systems, chakras to function optimally as one whole unite again.
  • Understand the intersections of Yog(a), Ayurved(a), Tantr(a) in MarmaYog
  • Insight how the natural flow of the life force is reinstated for deep healing of the mind, body and enlivening your karmas.
  • Diet, Lifestyle, and special Marmayog pranayam practices


This is for you if you desire to:

– learn and apply a simple, practical, integrated approach of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra for healing disorders/diseases and-or for Higher Consciousness

– reset the natural intelligence of your cells for an optimal COORDINATING whole system; Not being reliant on various multiple treatments

– understand the Concept of how the natural flow of the life force is reinstated for deep healing of the mind, body and enlivening your karmas.

– develop your self-healing powers and enhance your awareness on how to take care of yourself in an INDEPENDENT manner; and support others.

– shatter, question, understand your state and mind-model of what life is; what health is, what is your unique aim in life.

– explore beyond the limits of your current mind-model for expansion of consciousness; disconnect mind from the body

– Live life on your own terms and InJoy everything!


– for individuals who want to feel healthier and gain deeper insights n awareness on how to live a more fulfilling life

– for students, practitioners, sadhaks who want to create a foundation based in the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, focusing on prediction, prevention, personalization and self-participatory.



MARMAYog 101 

(note: Please open to receive knowledge that is not taught in the modern yog world!)
-Overview of Intersections of Yog(a), Ayurved(a), Tantr(a) in MarmaYog
– Concepts of Marma and Vayus in Healing
– Yogic Diet for practitioners and patients.
– Concept of āsana direction & orientation (yogic grid)
– Various pranayama practices in marmayog
– Engage in key Foundational Āsana with viniyasa which serve as base for complex āsana practice

DIVING DEEPER into the MARMAYOG practice
please eat a very light lunch – fruits or liquids!!

After receiving the morning overview and taste of the practice, its time to embody the practices more!
We will discuss, learn and practice:
– Unique, undocumented Kriya’s which involve coordinated breaths with asana to gain voluntary control of body process
– Pratyahar of Marma’s with beej mantra which enable the practitioner to be aware of flow of Vayu through marmas
– Synergism of these concepts with modern medicines to enable a healer to practice therapeutics
– Discuss how one can perform Diagnosis of disorders through Marmayog